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Last Booking:

From date 7.4.2023 | Autokempink Dřenice

From date 18.05.2023 | RS Sycherák
2 Bungalow ×4 Personen am Wasser für Angel

From date 22.7.2023 | Autokemp Rybářská Bašta
2x 4B Bungalow 9 Personen

From date 05.08.2023 | Chatová osada Jachta u Máchova jezera
ja, 4B-Bungalow für 2 Erw. + 2 Kinder

From date 3.8.2023 | Kemp Stránký Adršpach
3 x tents, 8 adults, 4 children (10 y, 7 y, 5y, 1y)no

From date 10.06.2023 | kemp Pávov
2 Bungalow oder Hütten für 1 x 2 Personen und 1 x 3 Personen

From date 25.05.2023 | Kemp Popelíky
chata u vody

From date 8.6.2023 | Autokemp Rybářská Bašta
1x1 Místo 8.6.-12.6.2023, 2x2 místa 9.6.-11.6.2x pokoj(4 osoby) 9.6.-11.6., 1x pokoj (2 osoby) 9.6.-12.6.

From date 22.03.2023 | Autocamp Železná Ruda
1 Stellplatz für 1 Wohnmobil bis 6m Länge

From date 01.08.2023 | Autocamp Automotoklubu Škoda
4B Bungalow , 2 Erwachsene +2 Kinder

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Kemp Keramika

  • Hracholusky, Hracholuská přehrada, 33033 Route search »
  • District:Plzeň-sever
  • Region:Plzeň region
  • Area:Plzeňsko, River Mže
  • Opening date:01.05. - 30.09. Altitude:360 m a.s.l.:
my Box

Camp Ceramics with an area of ​​30,000 m2 is located in a nice environment on the banks of the Hracholuská dam, about 15 km west of Pilsen. Suitable for lovers of water sports, fishermen, mushroom pickers, holidaymakers or tourists and at the same time for all who are looking for new experiences and especially reactors looking for an active holiday. It is for these that regular live music productions are prepared, which always start at 7 pm and end around 10 pm. Although some would like to dance until the morning, this is unfortunately not possible and it is necessary to respect the established night quiet, which is set by the camp rules from 22.00 We ask holidaymakers to try to follow this. In the season she plays country every Tuesday, on Thursday her favorite Mr. Žákovec plays for everyone and especially for the older generation. and you can look forward to a rock concert on Friday and Saturday. These concerts are organized for camp guests for FREE. ie without entrance fee. The programs of the performing artists are on our website and it is possible to choose the holiday date accordingly, so that the program corresponds to your requirements.



  • Tents places:
    yes, 200 places
  • Caravan places:
    yes, 30x place, el.socket
  • Cottage/Bungalow:
    yes, 35x 4,5B Cabin(WC, Shower, Kitchen), 4B Mobilheim
  • Appartements/Rooms:

Swimming, refreshment, tourism, sport offer


The food and beverage menu in Kemp Keramika consists of a permanent menu and a daily menu. Cash with soup is alternated according to the cash weekly menu.

Opening hours

from 1.4. to 15.6., from 5.9. to 30.9. - Friday to Sunday
In season from Monday to Sunday (8h - 22h)


Possibility of swimming in Hrachuluská dam nearby.

Tourism: Tourism »

Hiking and cycling. In the surrounding many interesting monuments, e.g. ruins of castle Buben, torso of castle Frumštejn, castle Čeminy, torso of castl Komberk, Kyjov, church Všech svatých, ruins of castle Gutštejn, Dolní Bělá, torso of castle Falštejn or ruins of castle Litice


Camp equipment:
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets
  • Warm shower
  • Kitchen
  • Washing-mashine
  • Children's room/place
  • Barrier-free accommodation
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Internet/WiFi/PC
  • Reception/Infocenter
  • 24 hours service
  • Place - Elektricity conection
  • Place - Waste/Drain for WC
  • Area completely fenced
  • Post box
  • Common room
  • Dog/Animal
  • Parking place
  • Bike storage
  • Fireplace/broiling
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Credit Card
Cottage/Bungalows equipment:
  • Shower
  • WC
  • Water
  • El. socket
  • Heating
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Bedclothes
  • Extra bed
  • Fridge
  • Kitchenette/stove
  • Dishes
  • Television
  • Shower
  • WC
  • Water
  • El. socket
  • Heating
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Bedclothes
  • Extra bed
  • Fridge
  • Kitchenette/stove
  • Dishes
  • Television

Price list

Season(summer) off-season Season(summer) off-season
Person: 4.00€/day 4.00€/day Bus: 14.00€/day 14.00€/day
Child: 2.40€/day 2.40€/day Electricity: 6.00€/day 6.00€/day
Tent: 6.80€/day 6.80€/day Animal: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day
Car: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day Recreational fee: 0.80€/day 0.80€/day
Motorcycle: - - 2.00€/day *Cottage/Mobilhome: 68.60€/day 52.00€/day
Caravan: 11.60€/day 11.60€/day *Building: - - - -
4L Chatka 12000 Kč/týden, mimosezóna 1300Kč/den
4L Chatka 18500 Kč/týden(u vody), mimosezóna 1600Kč/den
5L Chatka 19000 Kč/týden, mimosezóna 2000Kč/den
2L Domek 900Kč/den, mimosezóna 700Kč/den
4L Karavany, MOBILHEIMY 9500 Kč/týden, mimosezóna 1000Kč/den
(spotřeba energie 10Kč/KWh, vody 200Kč/m3)
(chatky a mobilheimy mají vlastní kuchyň, WC, sprcha, auto a grilování u chatky)
Nástup do chatky od 15h, odchod do 10h, Sezona 7,8 měsíc, zákaz bojová plemena psů
(stan + 2 osoby+rekr.popl. -> 170+120+120+20+20 = 450 Kč / den)
(karavan + auto + 2 osoby+rekr.pop. -> 290+50+120+120+20+20 = 620 Kč /den
Koupání - denní vstupné ............... 30,- Kč (pro ubytované zdarma)
Vstupné na koncert od 18h ........... 100,- Kč (pro ubytované zdarma)

• Lodičky 200 Kč/ hod
• Minigolf – hrací hůl + míček: 100 Kč / hod
• Paddleboard 200 Kč / hod
• Šlapadla 250 Kč / hod
Ceník kemp 2023.png(646Kb)...
Ceník chaty 2023.png(542Kb)...
* The Price can be for whole unit.

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23. 06. 2013
From: Klára

Můžu jen chválit. Majitel zařídí, co vám na očích uvidí, příjemné prostředí, hezká hospůdka, ceny odpovídající službám... Ráda se vrátím.

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